Our Mission:


Reaching our children. Redefining our families. Empowering our community.

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Welcome to the Gail Harts Performing Arts Group, Inc.

Where you can enjoy the fun, experience the love, and educate yourself to the world of the performing arts with others in a serious but pleasurable environment!

We will registering new students for Camp Art Smart on Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:00 PM.

Call 757.410.8517 to schedule an appointment or drop in our Portsmouth location at 600 Dinwiddie Street.

Or conveniently click on the link below to register online!


Our Programs

At Gail Harts Community Center for the Arts we strive to educate our students in the performing arts. We teach classical ballet, contemporary ballet, jazz, tap, and modern and many other genres of dance.

We are currently in the process of expanding!



Our main focus is dance. We take students as young as 2 but there is a dance program for every age group. Join our adult dance troupe or any performing company!

Acting & Music

Our focus is to train performing artists in stage, theater, and film acting. We also promote music literacy and production, as all students are afforded the opportunity to cultivate their musical talents.

Needle Work

Prospective students can look forward to learning crochet, tatting (lace making) and basic to advanced level sewing. These skills are used in all avenues of fashion design and marketing.


Get Involved!

We are always open to new students and accept new students on a rolling basis.


Sign Up For a Program

Join one of performing companies! We have the Mini Company, the Junior Company, the Senior Company, and our Performing Company!

Volunteer opportunities

We require 100% parent involvement! We also provide volunteer opportunities for young professionals and performers.

Make a Donation

Gail Hearts Community Center for the Arts is a 501(c)(3). Any donation you give helps pay a dancers tuition empowers a future coder and helps us keep the lights on.